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Episode #3: Boiling & Freezing

In this edition of Everyday Science, host Brian Jones brings students into the studio to learn all about the concept of boiling and freezing. Highlights include: making ice cream with liquid nitrogen, the balloon in a bottle, using a frozen banana to pound a nail into a board, and superheating water to make a homemade geyser. Brian also talks about the effects of cooling and heating substances and their sometimes surprising properties. Brian gives viewers recipes for trying many of these experiments at home.

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On this show, we saw some really cold things and some really hot things. And we had a treat along the way! Click here for a video clip of us making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. (It's big, but it's cool. Very cool!)

OK, so you won't run out and get some liquid nitrogen to do some of the cooler things we tried on this show. And don't try using a banana as a hammer! But you can do some cool experiments with your microwave...

Balloon in a Bottle (details coming soon!)
Superheating Water (details coming soon!)

Watch clips from the show!

These movies are in QuickTime format. If you need a plug-in to view them, you can get it here.

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