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Activity Name of Lesson
Energy Balls Human Circuit
Fizzkeepers Marshmallow Mashers
Hand Boilers Why can warm air “hold” more moisture than cold air?
Heat Packs How can freezing make something warmer?
Infrared Thermometers What is the “greenhouse effect?”
Poppers Poppers
Solar Grasshoppers In an Alaskan summer, the sun is up 24 hours a day. Why isn’t it hotter?
Sound Tubes Sound Tubes
Sunset Eggs Why is the sky purple?
Writing with Light What is the difference between red light and blue light?


Thanks to our LSOP and NACC crews participating:

LSOP: Adam Pearlstein, Heather Michalak, Sean Beal, Sheila Ferguson
Contact us on our website at

NACC: Ty Smith, Aaron Benally, Victoria Garduno, Kira Davis, Jamie McBryde, James Calabaza, Hunter Valdo
Contact us on our website at

This workshop sponsored by the generous support of Haliburton, and the Center for Multi-scale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes (CMMAP).

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