What is needed

What to Do

The folks at the cereal company put the iron in the cereal; now we are going to take it out! Here's what you need to do:

What is Happening

It turns out that when the folks who make your breakfast cereal add iron to it - which is good for your health - they actually add iron! Little bits of iron - iron filings - can be found in the cereal. This is OK, as the filing will be rapidly broken down in your stomach. But you can use a strong magnet to pull out the filings. This is a nice example of a mixture: the cereal is mixed with the iron filings, but they are not chemically combined at all.

Other Things to Try

You can find iron filings other places too; in Fort Collins, there is a lot of iron in our sand, for instance. Take a magnet to the playground, and swoosh it around in the sand - you are certain to pick up a bunch of iron along the way!