Here are some zesty experiments we tried out in our shop!




Electric Fish

Watch how some fish communicate using electrical signals.

Electrostimulation Machine

This device stimulates muscles and makes them move without your help. (1.5MB)


Police and FBI use this technique to match DNA. (4.9 MB)

Magnetic Levitator

The magnetic levitator floats above the base unattached! How does this work? (1.1 MB)

Microwave Lights

Tiny LED lights in this microwave will turn on and off as the microwaves pass through them. (1.8 MB)

Microwave Magic

Watch what happens to different stuff when we stick it in the microwave. (4.9 MB)


Watch what happens when you set a magnet on top of a superconductor. It's cool! (1.3 MB)

These movies are in Quick Time format. If you need a plug-in to view them, you can get it here.


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