Magic sand is sand that has been chemically treated so that it can't get wet. When you pour a bunch of magic sand in water, it will stay dry. In this movie, you can get a good look at how it appears. In the water, the sand holds together in a very odd-looking pile, that looks very silvery. But when a spoonful of sand is pulled out, it will spill freely off the spoon. No sticking!

In fact, what holds the sand together in the water is the surface tension of the water itself! This makes the sand a lot of fun to play with - as you can see from the movie!

This movie is in QuickTime format; if you need a plug-in to view it, you can get it here.

Of course, you would like to know where to get some magic sand. You can get it at toy stores - or you can buy a small packet from the Little Shop of Physics at our yearly open house in February. Educational Innovations sells it in one pound bags. If you are a teacher and would like to order it in large quantities, e-mail the Little Shop of Physics for information on bulk suppliers (at least 15 pounds).