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Poudre School District Channel 10
Everyday Science airs at certain regular times on PSD Channel 10, including:
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, 8:30 pm (usually - thought not always!) There are currently 11 episodes airing on this station.

As channel surfers have discovered, though, it shows more often than that! Check out the Poudre School District Channel 10 Schedule for the current show listings.

Rocky Mountain PBS
Episodes of Everyday Science have begun airing on Rocky Mountain PBS:

"Colorado State University's Brian Jones teams up with Poudre School District kids for fun-filled shows of zany Everyday Science. Each episode explores a science theme that not only entertains, but is tied to science standards for grades K-12. Everyday Science captures the best of Brian's nationally celebrated "Little Shop of Physics" which serves up hundreds of fun and easy to recreate experiments to about 15,000 Colorado students each year. As Brian says,"science is something anyone can do... everyday!"
(from the Rocky Mountain PBS website <site user name: rmpbs, Password: pbsrocks>)


Everyday Science is a production of Colorado's Poudre School District Channel 10,
in cooperation with Colorado State University's Little Shop of Physics.

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