We have many different classroom-tested activities on a variety of different topics that you can download and use. All of these activities use easy-to-find (and inexpensive!) pieces, as you'd expect from the Little Shop of Physics. Each document tells what equipment you need, the theory behind the activity, and suggestions for how to do this activity with your class. Feel free to download and use any and all of these!  Our podcasts can be accessed either by the links below or downloaded free from iTunes!

Most of the activities on this page were developed as part of our ongoing work with CMMAP, and presented during our summer and other workshops.  The lessons developed by participants in the July 2009 teacher's workshop, Weather and Climate for Educators, can be accessed here.


Activities are organized by topics below.

Conservation of Energy

Kinesthetic Activities about Atmospheric Science Concepts

The Difference Between Weather and Climate

Radiation and Seasons 

Pressure, Density, Temperature, Buoyancy

Phases of Water, Latent Heat, and Clouds

Convection and Precipitation

Forces and Winds

Climate Change and Global Warming 

Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change

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