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Looking for some ideas for your class? Some interesting experiments to try at home? kidsYou've come to the right place!

The Little Shop of Physics folks have always been of the mind that you can do science without a fancy lab, without fancy equipment. And teachers can have their students do real experiments, hands-on, with very simple tools, mostly things that you can get at local stores.

We have a bunch of materials for teachers—classroom-tested, classroom-ready lessons—on a variety of topics having to do with the basic science necessary to understand the atmosphere that we've developed as part of our work with CMMAP. Each one has a list of necessary materials, a background on the theory, and some instructions for use. They are free for you to download and


Over the years we've also put together a bunch of ideas for experiments that you can try with very simple tools—like making a musical instrument from a straw, or using your computer to explore how your eyes work. These are quick and simple things that you can try with very little advance preparation and no fancy equipment. Try them out!

Of course, our partners have lots of interesting things on their pages as well. If you are looking for some other science-related places to visit, check out our links page.


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