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Nanjoo Kwon

What I do

I am a teacher of teachers, including undergraduates aspiring to become teachers as well as current teachers. I graduated from Korea National University of Education (KNUE) specializing in physics education. I also have a masters and a doctorate from KNUED. In South Korea, I am a professor at the Gyeongin National University of Education (GINUE) in the science education department.

I have lectured science education for the teachers at many training programs all over Korea. During that time, I also experienced the Studio Teacher program at the TV nanjoostudio of the Korean Educational Broad Casting System.

Currently, I teach the several subjects related in the theory and practice of science education; 'Research Methods in Elementary Science Education', 'Development of Materials for Elementary Science', 'Integrated Science Education', 'Physics and Experiment I&II'.

I was a science teacher in 6 middle schools for more than 10 years. I majored in physics education and integrative science education. I have been a professor of education in a university of education since 2002.

Many of the professors in GINUE are usually very busy and have no time to spend their family. Actually most Korean people are too busy to take a break. Even though Korea is a small country, it has a large population. The population of Korea is below 50 million but there are over ten million people in Seoul. I live in a 15-story apt building with over 800 people. In my apartment complex, there are 30 buildings.

My daughter’s middle school has 19 classes and each class has about 45 students.
2008 is my sabbatical year, most professors spend this period living abroad with their family. I also decided to visit this wonderful place of Colorado for my daughters for 1 year. Now my kids are enjoying life in the USA and I’m having a good time recharging my science/education & teaching/learning knowledge and updating recent trends in USA education through LSOP.


Little Shop & the USA

Considering my career, I'm especially interested in K-12 education, teacher education, nanjooand various outreach programs. I contacted a couple of universities with outreach programs before deciding to come to CSU. According to my sources, LSOP is far and away the best team. Plus, many Korean teachers had been well-trained by LSOP program.    My first visit to the USA was to Saipan Island for my honeymoon, in 1993. I later participated in Korean Physics Teachers Program at IOWA University in 2000. After that I returned to the USA several times, visiting New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Hawai.

I now have a Colorado driver’s license and a social security number. For the last several months, I watched the 2008 political campaigns with much interest. My conclusion? I envy you Americans because of your unity: the hope for change, peace, development, equity.

I agree that the USA is the biggest and strongest country in the world. However some Americans don't know how lucky they are to have the benefits of civilization and the blessings of nature. The USA is a blessed country.

My biggest culture shock was seeing the stars and moon right above the horizon. Fort Collins' sky is one of the grandest sights imaginable.

Another fun fact about me is that I read the Collegian everyday! It gives me lots of useful information.

nanjooI have visited many special places in this country with my kids. I have two daughters, they came with me on this trip.

The thing that surprised me the most about Little Shop was how many volunteers they get. Its amazing!

Heartily speaking, I appreciate the kindness of the LSOP crew. I admire their eagerness for science, sometimes for mechanics, and their caring for others including kids or teachers. I love LSOP. The system of LSOP is wonderful; the speed, efficiency, concern, communication, volunteering, participation, and even technology. It goes without saying that the expert at setting and packing is on school visit of every road trip on Thursdays is the best.         

LSOP has so many things to teach the rest of the world! I think this is probably one of the best times in my life. Thank you so much LSOP for this opportunity!


Other fun facts

Q: What is Aha! Science?
Aha science is a educational term from epistemology. This is a insight experience when we meet the situation of question mark change to exclamation mark (?→!). The cognitive conflict strategy often leads this desirable result in the science class. I have researched the teaching/ learning strategies especially cognitive conflict for a lone time. The content of my master degree' thesis as well as the doctoral dissertation is dealt about cognitive conflict and the related teaching model.

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