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Supporters & Staff
The Little Shop of Physics is a team effort, and these are some of the folks that make it happen!


It's the students who do the work to make the program go. They are a dedicated group of folks who know how to work hard and have fun.

Thanks to everyone involved for their part in making this program such a success!

If you would like to be part of the Little Shop of Physics, and get yourself one of these cool tie-dyed T-shirts, just let us know!

Little Shop of Physics gratefully acknowledges the support of..

* CMMAP: These folks are supporting three intern positions this year. Our interns are taking the show on the road to tens of thousands of K-12 students with a special emphasis on the science of the atmosphere and weather. We can't thank the CMMAP folks enough for their invaluable assistance.  You can visit CMMAP here:
* Xcel Energy: The folks at Xcel are helping us make more episodes of our Everyday Science Program - including funding a student intern and new equipment, and helping us find locations to film at power plants! We are very grateful for our association with Xcel, and hope to continue it!
* Colorado Rural Electric Association: Another check showed up from these folks - which we will use to help us visit rural schools. Thanks!
* Academic Enhancement Program at Colorado State University: This program supports our Teacher in Residence position - and helped us remodel our home.
* Department of Physics, College of Natural Sciences, Colorado State University: These organizations provide staff, time, equipment and space - and even a few dollars these days. We have very good support from the folks at home. Thanks!
* Students of the Physics Department: volunteer time, equipment, and the motivation to continue. This program is by and for the students, without whom it could not exist.
* Schools throughout the state and region: Little Shop accepts donations (we have no set fees) for programs. Schools and PTO's have been quite generous in helping us bring programs to students all over the state.

Thanks to everyone for making this program such a success!