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We're here for you and your students! From here, you can access all of our resources for teachers. From great videos, to dynamic activities, to workshop information, and even how to build projects like ours, we've got you covered!


We've got the half-hour Everyday Science show if you're looking for a good way to come at a topic from a variety of angles. Brian and the kids always have something interesting to demonstrate and they keep it fun and lively! There's Tips for Teachers, which has a pedagogical focus. Last but not least, we have Science It Up!, with dynamic, fast-paced footage of science principles in action. We are also working on a series of videos about how we build our projects.

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Need to jolt a little life into the classroom? Are the kids in first hour nodding off, and the ones in last hour just glued to the clock? We're known for taking something that's already cool -- science -- and making it fantastic! You can tap into that with our activities and give your students a day they'll never forget! Best of all, these are all FREE!


Summer Workshops

Workshops are fast-paced, action-packed, and loaded with awesome activities (as well as free goodies!) you can take back to your students. Each summer, we work with our partners to make our best workshop yet.

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July 2009 workshop lessons

Building Projects Like Ours

We're constantly working on new ideas, and now we are adding some of them to a wiki so that you can see how to make these projects your own! Like the Shop itself, this page may require a hard hat as there's so much exciting building going on!

The project wiki



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