Using Our Videos

As a warmup...

Do your students need something to do for the first few minutes of class? Our videos have been edited to short segments, perfect for an anticipatory set, priming students for the lesson you’ve prepared by accessing their prior knowledge about the topic.  What experiences does the video bring to mind? What do students know about this topic already? Are students making connections to topics they’ve previously learned? What misconceptions do students have around this topic?

As reinforcement...

Our mission is to increase quality science content for use in K-12 classrooms. We create these videos with great care in order to produce a reliable resource you can use without fear of wrong or misleading information. Our hope is that these videos are used to help students better understand fundamental concepts. Aside from targeting different learning styles, having a video allows them to come at the concept from another angle, or with a fresh perspective.

As inspiration...

Have students show what they’ve learned by creating a video! Students can apply what they’ve learned to create rich, detailed videos. As an alternative assessment students can make their own episodes like Science It Up! and Everyday Science.


Maybe you have trouble accessing our videos on Wordpress. We also have some of our videos available on YouTube. The best option for video clarity and avoiding Internet outages is to download our weekly podcasts. You can do this from the Wordpress page, with our iTunes subscriber link, or use your own podcatcher from this page. Our videos are small enough to fit on a flash drive, Dropbox, ZumoDrive or most other cloud services.


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