Weather and Science Day 2014


The Weather and Science Day program is divided into 3 parts.


Weather and Science Day is a joint effort among Colorado State University, the Colorado Rockies, & 9News.


In each one of these sections, we’ll describe and demonstrate the science principles, and 9News meteorologists will discuss the connections to weather phenomena.

Be prepared to be active! Participants will receive a bag of materials that they will use during the program, and nearly 200 Colorado State University volunteers will perform experiments and demonstrations in the stands.

The video below is an overview and welcome to the program for folks who will be attending.


  1. 1)Air has mass.

Air is matter. And that matters. A big volume of air has a lot of mass, and it takes big forces to move it around. And, given Newton’s 3rd Law, when you push on air, it pushes back...

The balloons push the air down, so the air pushes the balloon up!

  1. 2)Energy.

Anything that happens involves a change in energy from one form to another. Thinking about changes in energy helps us understand the world around us.

The parachute has to move a lot of air to get going... and that takes a lot of energy!

  1. 3)Waves.

Waves carry energy and information from one point to another.

When a wave from each side of the parachute comes together, we get a very large amplitude indeed!

Download the Weather and Science Day program here.Overview_files/WSDProgram.pdf